[In progress] Ru/GaN Schottky Barrier Inhomogeneity Dependence on Annealing Temperature

Paper is being written and will be submitted shortly but below is some data which is expected to accompany the publication.

This paper will serve as an application of the model outlined in the Log-Normal Barrier Distribution paper. The dataset is made up of IV and CV data taken from Ru/GaN Schottky diodes that were annealed in open air at different temperatures but on the same original GaN wafer. Originally, the data was going to be published as it was taken and analyzed using the Werner-G├╝ttler method with multiple barrier height patches instead of just one. However, when really teasing the data I found that there were some inconsistencies related to the physical understanding of how inhomogeneous barriers behave and its application to these samples. Thus, I needed to go back and refine the model which will be presented in a previous paper.

Variably Annealed Ru/GaN Schottky IV-T