[In progress] Vertical Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes with Small-Angle Beveled Field Plates: A Record BFOM of 0.6GW/cm2

This manuscript details work done to created a field-plated vertical Gallium Oxide schottky diode. I was responsible for a large portion of this work, where I developed a cleanroom fabrication process using standard tooling to etch circular mesa structures with controllable sidewall profiles into GaOx. Then I patterend the samples with back ohmic contacts and a top, field-plated schottky contact. Next, I measured the I-V characteristics and analyzed the data revealing superior electrical performance. Additional modeling and FIB was performed by Dr. Ming Xiao.

More information available once the manuscript has been accepted.

FIB Cross-Section of Gallium Oxide Mesa Edge