ECE:2004 (Instructor)

Course Description

Introduction to the basic laws and techniques for the analysis of electric circuits. Calculation of the response of circuits with resistors, independent sources, controlled sources, and operational amplifiers. The transient analysis of basic circuits with R, L, and C components. An introduction to AC analysis and phasors.

Course Topics
  1. Voltage and current, the 2-terminal device, power concept
  2. Ohm’s law, sources, KCL, KVL, dependent sources
  3. Resistors: series, parallel, voltage and current dividers, measurements
  4. Mesh and node equations
  5. Thevenin and Norton equivalents (DC)
  6. Superposition, duality, and reciprocity
  7. Energy storage elements (L and C), combinations
  8. First order circuits (RL and RC)
  9. Second order circuits (RLC), step and general responses
  10. Introduction to phasors, with basic circuit equations
  11. Operational amplifiers as ideal element